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There once was a time when I used to chronicle everything in digital words. Daily bits about any and all. So many things potentially forgotten if not for those insignificant anecdotes. Maybe so many of those things should remain so.

It is no longer in my rhythm to do these things. Somewhere along the way I've forgotten the flow. Maybe it is time to remember. If it is even possible to do so. There is a large gap that will never be filled. Perhaps it shall be allowed to grow no longer?

It all remains to be seen.
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If you have Dreamwidth, will you do me the infinite kindness of providing an add over there? Name is the same as here, only for continuity. It seems like LiveJournal is downward spiraling and I'd rather not lose you all if/when it hits the bottom. Not abandoning LJ until further notice, but trying to get prepared when it abandons us.

I solemnly swear to update more often with crossposts, but never so much that you'll get sick of me. <3
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I'll be here.....
I'll be waiting here.....
For what?
I'll be waiting....for you...
So....if you come here...
You'll find me.
I Promise.

Semi-Commonly Asked Questions

* Why did you add me?

Simply put, I was intrigued. By a post or comment in a mutual comm (especially Holiday-Wishes/WWEGirls) or an amazing fic or by something you've said or done elsewhere (other forums and such), multiple mutual interests, or maybe you just had a really cool icon. I like the shiny. :)

* Why etoilegyrl?

"Etoile" is a french word meaning star and is the name of the character based on me in my friend's series of stories. She's a fortune-telling vampire. :) Used it here first and its followed me around the interwebs ever since. If you ever see an etoilegyrl, it's me. Accept no imitators.

* Why Friends-Only?

Leftover paranoia that had legitimate reasoning at one time.... I'll add most people who add me first though.

F/O Banner by [ profile] danielachan

So, Retail

May. 15th, 2012 09:32 pm
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It's been a long evening. Hey, you know, you're supposed to be on mornings even though we've been scheduling you for evenings the entire time you've been here, so we're going to change your afternoon tomorrow to an insanely long morning.


Except not.


Dec. 11th, 2011 11:46 pm
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I just realized the *7th* Anniversary of my journal was yesterday.


Signed up when still in high school, one of the few sites sites not blocked by overzealous SPSB filtering. Mainly did it because [ profile] shyngo had one. Met quite a few people and got to know others known at other places better. This includes ex type person which was a decided mix of positive and negative. Spent hours that I can't ever imagine having to spare again helping to build a community from a handful to a few hundred.

Now if only all those awesome people I met in the first year or two or three of that were still actively around. Like Peter whose long-deleted username I can't remember, Brandi from Bolt, Tyler and Katelyn under their various usernames, etc etc...

Went on a bit of an adding spree via Holiday-Wishes tags earlier. May continue to do so there and elsewhere in coming times. Welcome new people. :)

Gamer Forum

Apr. 9th, 2011 12:29 am
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Brand new and ready for posting. :) [Guys are welcome too]
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So, my new website project thingy is up and open:

Not a lot there yet, but more is definitely on the way.
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So I bought It's up, but no content as of yet as I'm still working on backend things and recruiting contributors via Elance and elsewhere.

Do you think it's an acceptable trade to purchase someone a year of Gamefly or similar rental service in exchange for a set number of short game reviews per month?

I'm not going to point anyone towards the Elance post as I'm pretty sure I've settled on my hire(s), but I'm still looking for people on a pay per article basis. I'm looking for writers to discuss games from a female perspective. I'm especially seeking reviews, guides (for achievements and short strategy pieces, no full walkthroughs at this point), and opinion pieces. Compensation is negotiable, specific topics and length are up to the writer.

If interested, let me know your rates and skills via the comments or pm.
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Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

The Mindgamer

Everything is possible, nothing is ever really over.

Fanfiction is a creative outlet for you. You don't intentionally write it, it just happens. You find inspiration in several fandoms, but are not obsessed with only one.

You like to explore "what if" situations. What if this character had never made this very choice? What if this event had taken place sooner, never, elsewhere? What if these people had never met?

You are likely to write Alternative Universes, fan seasons or sequels and just follow your (sometimes pretty strange) plot bunnies.

Take The Fan Fiction Personality Test at OkCupid

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I can't choose just one (this as you will see is a trend), but these are some of the longest enduring favorites that are meaningful in some way or other. It's a bit genre-hoppy and I have many more favorites than this. Youtube vids of each track are under the first cut.

Incubus--Make Yourself
Dixie Chicks--Taking the Long Way Around
KMFDM--I am what I am
Dresden Dolls--Sing

In no particular order )

30 Days, not the show )
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So LJ gave me coupons for 1/2 off 1 year paid membership to give out ($10 instead of $20). Anyone want one?

10/10 available.
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Ask anything. There's a 98% chance I'll maybe answer it.

Also! Last call for Christmas cards. I'm probably going to stop procrastinating and send them soon. Ignore the horrible handwriting (thus reason for procrastinating it, hand writing is just not my thing w/ brace, not that it ever was anyway). :)
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So I'll get back to posting all those fascinating details of what's been going on in my life since last I posted soon (and some of it is actually interesting, I promise!), but until then check out the new site project: No Love, Me

It's a place where people can submit anonymous letters ranting about someone or something. Feel free to submit something sometime if you feel so inclined.
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If you wake up to find all of your comments in that one particular community screened, consider that to be your first and only warning. Do it again and you are done. My banhammer is mighty and well-used.

It's *just* a storyline. Don't take it so seriously, you fucking doughnut.

Here I Am

May. 17th, 2009 08:19 pm
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Thanks to a code from the lovely Scarletladyy. :) I'm not giving up my LJ, but I'll post here from time to time (if I remember). :)
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I'd like to get back into writing fan fic again, as it's been awhile. What I'd like from you, my lovely f-list, is prompts. Lots and lots of prompts. There is no guarantee that I'll do them all or do any of them well, but....

As many as you like, any genre, any pairing, any rating. This will hopefully be an on-going thing.

Fandoms I (think I) know pretty well:
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Legend of Dragoon
Babysitters Club

Ones that I'd like to try, but haven't written for at all, or have written very very little for:
The Dark Tower series and related 'verses (ie Hearts in Atlantis)
Harry Potter
Blue Dragon (game, not anime)
Final Fantasy X
Sweet Valley High/University
Batman (Burton-Verse or Nolan-Verse, anything that may have came in between those two do not exist to me)
Full Metal Alchemist (anime, not manga)
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So, if you've known me for any length of time and care about professional wrestling at all, you'll know about my long-standing, absolute loathing of John Cena (although he has had his entertaining moments lately). But that's not what this is about.

Apparently, Cena has adopted a new finishing maneuver in house shows and elsewhere. One that if you were around for the attitude era, you'd recognize instantly: the leg drop bulldog. More commonly known by the name given it to by Billy Gunn when he used it: The Famouser aka The Fame-ass-er.

This move has not been used much, if at all on TV by Cena to my knowledge, as the usage of such of a move is too much for network TV and even cable to handle. Just hinting at the possibility of the usage of a move on a PPV poster would sell more tickets to it than Wrestlemania III and VII combined.

I wish I could show you a clip of said move. It really is Cena's secret weapon. It devastates opponents, makes fangirls and boys orgasm in their seats, and even softens the heart of the smarkiest Cena-hater (at least for a moment). But alas, it is not to be found as even the shortest, poorest quality clip of this move would overwhelm the most powerful servers in the world in a matter of seconds.

Just it being performed at a small house show is nearly too much. The impact of this move on a mat in Pennsylvania can be felt as far away as Japan, just slightly. Just enough that the enlightened ones will pause for a moment, nodding their heads before screaming at the top of their lungs in whatever language they speak (even if they've never seen wrestling before: "OH MY GOD! John Cena with a FAME-ASS-ER!" before passing out from the excitement of the thought.

So, yes, for that tiny moment, when he performs that earth-shaking finishing maneuver, John Cena does, in fact, reek of AWESOMENESS!!!

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